Green Tea Garden


Sourced from Shaoxing County, in the Zhengjiang Province of China, this organic sencha green tea has been steamed, dried, and rolled into small needle shapes to intensify its taste. This caffeinated sencha pairs well with each of its organic add-ins, including chamomile, cinnamon, hibiscus, calendula flowers, and corn flowers. When steeped, this tea exhibits an exotic, floral flavor profile with a spicy cinnamon aftertaste with an eye-catching amber color. Sencha tea originated in Japan, and it is a special type of tea that is typically harvested during its first flush for optimum quality. Although this style of green tea was birthed in Japan, the area east of the Kuaiji Mountain in China is the perfect place to continue this tradition. The inclination from the mountain provides natural irrigation and lots of sunshine which is a crucial component to sencha's growth; sun exposure is what separates sencha from matcha, a tea that is usually grown in full shade.